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If you are interested in learning or improving your English we can help you! EazyCork is affiliated with only the best language schools in Cork and Dublin so that we can offer our clients the best choice. You can choose from standard courses, intensive courses and specialised courses such as Business English. The schools with whom we work have obtained recognition from the Irish State Department of Education along with many other quality authorities. These quality marks ensure that you will receive the highest standard of English language training available.

Some of our clients prefer to study on a one-to-one basis so EazyCork has built up a list of English teachers who are available for private tuition. Private English lessons cost approx. €15-€20 per hour.

Study & Work Packages

Family Packages
Self Catering Packages


At EazyCork we know our clients and we know their needs, that is why we have put together unique Study & Work packages. These packages allow you to concentrate on learning English in the first stage of your stay and practising your English in everyday life by finding a job during the second stage of your stay. These packages include English courses, accommodation and our Employment Assistance service. These packages offer a great opportunity to live, study and work in Cork! We can also arrange one-to-one classes with a native speaker.

Here are some of the English courses we provide: First Certificate in English (F.C.E.), Certificate in Advanced English (C.A.E.), Certificate of Proficiency in English (C.P.E.), T.O.E.F.L. (Test of English as a foreign language) T.O.E.I.C. (Test of English for international communication).


More info abour our courses

  • Average 6 – 8 students per class (Max 12)
  • Certificate at end of Course
  • Individual student report
  • Afternoon Social and Cultural Programme
  • Evening Social Programme